Vanilla marble is light beige to white-colored material, very strong and perfect for indoor-outside flooring and cladding.

The material can be polished, sandblasted or bush-hammered. All slabs are processed with resin and net with the newest and most technological Italian machines which give to the material the best possible finish and makes it extra high quality product.

Our company is a partner in the Vanilla quarry and we are an Exclusive worldwide supplier for Vanilla marble. We can produce slabs, cut-to-size, standard tiles, steps and any details as per a customer’s request.

Vanilla Light 

Vanilla marble

Vanilla Classico

Medium Vanilla

Vanilla Pink

Vanilla Pink

Vanilla Commercial

Vanilla Commercial

Sandblasted Surface

SandBlasted Vanilla

Bush-Hammered Surface

Bush-Hammered Vanilla

Vanilla Brushed

Vanilla Brushed
vanilla marble
vanilla blocks
vanilla stone
vanilla quarry
Vanilla medium selection
Vanilla medium selection-1
Vanilla medium selection-2
Vanilla Pink selection

Vanilla Technical Analysis

vanilla technical analysis