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vratsa limestone stairs

Homogenous stone

vratsa limestone front stairs

Wow! Prestigious designs!

vratsa limestone facade
vratsa limestone pool
vratsa limestone longue
vratsa limestone building
vratsa limestone facade home
vratsa limestone building
vratsa limestone sample 1

Vratza limestone

Vratza has the characteristics making it limestone unique for aesthetic value, use versatility and technical performance.
vratsa limestone flamed 3


 It is very hard grey-green sandstone suitable for inside and outside walling and flooring.
Travertine stone


 Material from a healthy quarry with huge capacity per year. The perfect choice of Travertine for both interior and exterior application even in the most extreme weather conditions.

Who we are?

We control the whole process from the inspection of the blocks at the quarries, follow out the orders in the production, thorough quality control of the ready goods, load them into containers and trace out them until unload in your stock yard.
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About Us

With many years of experience gained in the field of rock-facing materials company LAZAROV MARBLE Ltd can meet and satisfy even the highest demands for quality, prices and terms of delivery.

The company has established itself as one of the leaders in the industry as the European market and overseas for its uncompromising quality and professionalism. This is due to continuous quality control of raw materials, the process of manufacturing and final process of packing and shipping of finished products. Do not forget not least, one of the most important criteria to fully satisfy customer needs, namely – After Sale Service.  LAZAROV MARBLE Ltd offers Vratsa limestone blocks, slabs, standard tiles, cut to size, stairs, window sills, fireplaces, columns, balustrades, cornices and any details of the customers demand. The company works directly with foreign architects, construction companies, warehouses and retailers and has in its portfolio a huge number of completed projects for which it has supplied materials for exterior and interior cladding and flooring, swimming pools and many more. The company also delivers the material ARCHITE – known in Italy as Pietra Piasentina. The finished projects are from family houses to large hotels and buildings.  Thanks to the excellent partnership arrangements with the quarry manufacturer LAZAROV MARBLE Ltd imports personally selected and chosen blocks premium Travertine which is exported abroad as it is or cut in Vratsa on slabs and tiles, depending on customers preferences. The material is sold also on the Bulgarian market in the form of finished products – slabs of different thickness and tiles. In view of price and quality, our Travertine compete with the largest foreign quarries and factories.

In electing us as your reliable partner we can advise you on the correct choice of stone, depending on the place of application, individual design and recommendations for follow-up care for the stone.

We are happy to answer all your questions!

Thank you!

Kind regards,

Vladimir Lazarov
Founder & Managing Director


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Do we test?

All products go through a thorough quality control procedure before they leave the factory.


What about The Mission?

The mission is emphasizing on reliable, honest and high quality service and customer satisfaction, offer very competitive pricing and provide prompt service to suit your installation schedule.


Is this adventure?

At a very rough calculation, the youngest natural stone to be used in a place has to be about a million years old. Are you aware how great the adventure we follow is.

Lazarov Marble Ltd